Lower Back Exercise

1. General introduction

This exercise helps reduce many kinds of lower back pain. When you do it, you not only strengthen your abdominal and lower back muscles, but you also correct your lower spine and sacroiliac joint. When you do this exercise, please repeat it more than twenty rounds each time and do it slowly to gain the significant and positive result. Please notice that during the six steps, your shoulders are the foundation of your body. Try to keep your shoulders stable during the whole process. 

※ We sincerely appreciate Dr. Zhang Ming Xing from Taipei (Taiwan), who guided us in learning this exercise.  He also agreed that we share this exercise and benefit more people.   

2. Step by step for lower back exercise (Part I) 

This exercise has 6 steps. To gain a positive results, it is important to repeat it at least twenty rounds per time. This video shows detail about the first 3 steps.
The initial position is very important. Lie down face up on a soft or hard flat surface. Make sure your feet are spread shoulder width apart and that they are parallel. Bend your legs with the knees up and make your lower legs and ankles 90 degree from the surface. Interlace your fingers and put your hands on the top of your head with the palms face down.  
Step 1: As you breath in, lift your hips up by pressing your heels down. 
Step 2: Bring your hands out overhead and have your arms near your temple area during the breath-in. At the end of bringing your arms overhead, turn your palms outward away from your head.
Step 3: Bring your knees together as you breath out.  

3. Step by step for lower back exercise (Part II) 

This video demonstrates the last three steps.   
Step 4: Draw in a deep breath while making sure your abdominal muscle is tightening up. 
Step 5: Blow the air out gradually though your mouth and let your hips down slowly at the same time.  
Step 6: Return back to your initial position with your hands back on the top of your head and your legs shoulder width apart.

Repeat this exercise more than twenty rounds every time to gain positive results. Try to do it slowly and focus on each step.  If you find that your back is still painful after doing the exercise at least 20 times, check if every position of each step is correct. 


Neck Exercise

This exercise will help to reduce neck and shoulder pain, and also benefit any difficulty swallowing.

Step1: Lie down on the bed and turn your head to the right side. Make sure your right temple almost touches the mattress. Use your left hand to grab the edge of the mattress.  This will increase the stretch and you will begin to feel a pulling sensation on your left side from the shoulder down.

 Step2: Flex your left foot. Your toes should be pointing up, then bend your left knee as you inhale.

 Step3: Straighten your left leg in the air and slowly lower your leg while you exhale. Make sure to keep your knee as straight as possible.