What did they say about treatment?

Rheumatoid Arthritis 

My experience with Jonathan has been wonderful. I came to get help with my rheumatoid arthritis as well as the depression and anxiety that living with chronic pain can cause. After just one session I had several pain free days and felt more alive than I had in years.   Katherine C.

Overall Balance 


Best of the best !!!!!  If you are looking for a great acupuncturist, look no further! Jonathan is the best,after taking note of your whole health profile and lifestyle, he will begin treatment, you don't even have to tell him what's bothering you. Jonathan is highly intuitive and very intelligent with a sense of human relations, he will target your pain areas to restore full body functioning and prevent future issues. I'm sad to see him leaving the Westborough area but committed to travel wherever he is. When I have a health problem, I don't call my primary doctor as Jonathan became my primary health adviser. I'm happy to say that after treating with him for over a year, I'm fully functional and happy I made that first appointment! My back is almost 100% better thanks to Jonathan, my energy level is off the charts and overall I learned a lot from him. I'm forever grateful for his help and highly recommend him!   Yasmina A. 

Digestive Problem

Jonathan has healed my digestive issues that have bothered me for years. I have not felt this good in a long time.  Denise D.

Leg and Back pain    

Jonathan was very helpful in relieving nagging pain radiation down my right leg. This is my second time coming to see Jonathan. Last time was for tendinitis in my arm. Both times symptoms were successfully treated. I would recommend Jonathan to a friend and have. Connie W.

Trouble sleeping

I can sleep now. Tummy does not hurt!  Carolyn C.

Boost immune system

I have been doing acupuncture for almost two years and I feel better than ever. I started doing it because I was catching colds and flu so often, that I missed a lot of time at work. I also was feeling very weak and depressed.


I tried taking vitamins and herbs, but they didn't do anything for me. One day I was reading an article in a medical journal about some research study, that showed how acupuncture made a big difference in treatment of hypertension. I decided to try it. That was the best decision I 've ever made. Thanks to Jonathan, I stopped getting sick all the time. I have a lot of energy, feel less stressed, and enjoy my life. I am looking forward to my acupuncture sessions, because they are very relaxing and make me feel good. I found acupuncture even more enjoyable then massage therapy. I've recommended Jonathan to all my friends and family.   Julia.

Knee problem

I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Jonathan Fang for over a year now.  I have had issues with joint pain/swelling in my knees for quite some time.  I had two arthroscopic surgeries on one knee and one on the other.  About six months after the last surgery, my knee started swelling again and the joint pain was back.  The orthopedic doctor could not determine what was causing the swelling/pain as there was nothing "mechanically" wrong with the knee. He sent me to an arthritis doctor.  This doctor recommended a medication to reduce the swelling.  The problem was not resolved.  Now I just had another problem, an itchy rash from head to toe. 

I started doing my own research on-line to see what other options were available.  I stumbled upon acupuncture.   At first, I was quite skeptical. However I felt that even if it did not work, there would probably be no adverse effects, so why not try?

Since my first treatment, my knees have NOT swelled at all! After multiple doctors, surgeries, rashes; just a few needles and problem solved!

I am also an allergy sufferer that typically got 2-3 sinus infections a year.  Not sure if it is just coincidence or not, but I have not had a sinus infection since my first treatment either.  When my allergies are flaring up, Jonathan treats me for that too and it makes a noticeable difference with the congestion.

Do not let your phobia of needles stop you!  It really does not hurt at all.  It is actually quite relaxing. If you are thinking about trying acupuncture, I would highly recommend it as I am proof that is REALLY WORKS!   Tammy.

Hello, World!

Elbow pain                    

I just tried acupuncture after dealing with a persistent pain in my elbow. I took advil and went to physical therapy for over 8 months. Although it helped some, it did not relieve the pain. After my first visit with Jonathan, my elbow immediately felt 100% better. I also benefited in many other ways. It helped me relieve stress, hot flashes and constipation. I was so happy. I brought my son Chris in because of shoulder injury he was suffering from. He too was completely amazed at the improvement he felt within minutes. We are now believers in acupuncture. Everyone should give it a try. Michele. 

Lower back pain

After my first session, my muscle spasms were gone. Lower back pain is considerably less and improving.   Joseph N.


My daughter suffered from migraines since she was 4 years old.  We have seen numerous urologists and have been on multiple medications. She is now 15 years old and the headaches often cause her to miss school.  A friend told me how acupuncture helped him, so we decided to try it. After having 2 - 3 migraines weekly, she is having none.  We noticed the difference after just one week.  If she feels like she is going to get a headache. She can take "Excedeun" and within an hour it's gone.  She doesn't have to stop what she is doing and sleeps like she used to.  Janet M.  

Arthritic Knees

Jonathan did a wonderful job of explaining how acupuncture works. I return whenever I need the " kink" relieved. In 2 or 3 sessions the situation is resolved. It's been a very relaxing, reassuring experience with positive results.  Barbara P.

Patellar Sublexation (loose kneecaps)

As I was training for my first marathon. I started to experience pain and swelling in my right knee. After a visit to conventional Doctor, I was still dealing with the same problem & it was getting worse.

After my first visit, I began to experience relief. I have continued treatment weekly during my training and I am excited to cross the finish line in 4 days!  Kristie D.

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